Poll language

First of all congratulations and thanks ! this is really amazing… I’m obviously new here :wink:

Then I need to know, where report a poll interface language error.

If is here, problem is when I choose Spanish for the interface and some texts doesn’t appear translated. Here the screenshot:

thanks in advance !!

Hi there,
Thanks for reporting. I will have a look at the issue this evening.

Let me know if you need some help, translating or testing or a coffee :wink:

Hey there,
Spanish translation for polls is working now.

Thansks !

I see some errors:

  • Step1: [missing key: Step 1.Votes cannot be modified.]
  • Step2
    ** on error when you don’t correctly complete dates, appear: ES_Vous ne pouvez pas choisir plus de 0 dates
    ** mouseover text on ++ symbol also not translated

and finally, I can’t complete Step 2 :frowning:
I put some dates and some hours but can’t go ahead… error is: ES_Vous ne pouvez pas choisir plus de 0 dates