POP3/SMTP email client can not connect to disroot mail serveres

I have set up disroot.org email with POP3/SMTP. However, the clients I use often (2 times out of 3) are not able to connect to the mail server. Error message:
Task ‘Disroot - Receiving’ reported error (0x80042108) : ‘Outlook cannot connect to your incoming (POP3) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).’ Same for SMTP if there’s outgoing email.

PC with Windows 10, MS Outlook 2007
Android, K-9 email

I keep trying and eventually it connects.
Web mail usually works but occasionally there is some waiting time before it connects.

What I have done:

  1. re-set the accounts. K-9 reported flawed security certificate but once I allowed the connection, K-9 seems fine. Outlook still has problems.
  2. increased the server timeout to 5 minutes. Didn’t help, the error message comes up much sooner (after c. 1 minute)

I am based in Singapore, is that an issue?

This is a problem, if I won’t solve it, I’d be forced to switch to another provider.

Any advice?



are you using the correct url? It’s disroot.org and not mail.disroot.org

See https://howto.disroot.org/en/communication/email

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Yes, I’m using disroot.org as the mail server.
The connection happens one time out of ten, unfortunately unpredictably. It seems that if I log into disroot.org web mail on the same machine, the chances Outlook POP connection will succeed increase.
Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Do you need to use Outlook? Maybe that’s the culprit. Claws Mail works perfectly for me with Disroot.

Thanks for the recommendation, but I would prefer that my email service (disroot) worked with all popular clients and Outlook is definitely one of them. I’ve used Outlook with POP/SMTP for many years and disroot is the first service which has a problem.
Would be a real pity if I had to chose between privacy and reliability, but it is heading that way, and no real advice so far (5 days since I posted). This is also the first community - based service I’m using, are my expectations for reliability and/or support unrealistic?

Also, you’re using Windows (and 10 too…) so you can’t be too serious about privacy, no offense.

If you don’t know the answer, please do not spam the conversation, no offense. Thanks.

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There is nothing in the log on our side. I use email on number of clients (linux exclusive though) so cant really tell you why is outlook failing. If you would provide any more details apart from ‘It fails’ maybe we could find a root cause. I’m most certain this is rather your setup/outlook related as nothing in our logs points to an issue.

Perhaps you want to take it to support@disroot.org so we can share more private data (usernames/screenshots/settings/logs etc).

Can you share screenshot of your IMAP (POP3) / SMTP server settings (usually helps spot the obvious).

I just checked fail2ban log and looks like your IP has been caught at least one time today (we dont keep logs for longer so cant tell). This means that one of your clients is miss configured. This means that (most probably) passowrd is missconfigured on one of the clients (you mention K9 and outlook but maybe there is more), and after 5 failed attempts your IP is blocked for 15 minutes. Mailclients usually login to check mailbox state very often and constantly. This is probably the issue you are having based on your description and the fact i see your ip in the current log file which means it has been blocked at least once.

Well, first answer to your issue was answered by other disrooter straight away it seems looking at the thread. You have answer to that only 1 hour ago so your complaint about no answer for 5 days is not true with all due respect. Noone knew you still have an issue.

Muppeth, thanks for the comprehensive answer.
I have two clients as you mentioned Outlook on a PC and K-9 on Android), both check mail manually, and K-9 has been working fine after some early glitches.
I’ll send an email to support.

True that. The answer was a bit generic so I didn’t count it as a “real” answer.
Your advice is comprehensive and specific, thanks again.