Posting connection to Mastodon from Hubzilla?

How do I set up a connection to Mastodon from Hubzilla so that when I post in Hubzilla it also posts in Mastodon?

I’ve searched a long time, but cannot find a step-by-step instruction.

Thank you.

You have to enable “activitypub” protocole

in the plugin settings.

Checked it and it is enabled. But, it is not posting. I can make a connection and see what I post in Hubzilla. Though, to actually post that post, I have to manually boost the post, which is not what I am looking to do. I want to post in Hubzilla and then Mastodon post that same post (post, boost, what-evs) without any manual effort in my end.

How is that achieved?

Thank you.

you can just post and it should work as if you have posted to hubzilla
It works only for:

  1. Users that are sharing with your account
  2. Servers on where users are sharing with your account

Its very similar how federation works in general on any of the protocols (mastodon, diaspora or hubzilla). servers / accounts need to know of its existence to federate with eachother. one way to achieve that is by following the account. Then people that follow you will see your post and can comment or reshare them. The other situation is if people on the same server already follow your account. then all your public posts should be visible to users on that server. While diaspora has relay servers that help spread public posts to other servers, mastodon until recently lacked it. this meant that if you post on hubzilla, then your post would have to be propagated on all possible masotdon servers. Even mastodon does not do that. Therefor since few weeks there are mastodon relay servers too that will help spread the posts evenly across the network. Hubzilla does not yet utilize mastodon relay servers (i think mastodon does not either), but it means that soon this problem will be solved too and you public posts from hubzilla should be pushed to relay servers of both diaspora and mastodon, and thus you would reach more users and more servers.

(not sure i made too much sense and seeing the wall of text i just produces, i will take the liberty of not reading it back to check :P)

From the Disroot Mastodon post…

Hopefully when hubzilla implements posting to mastodon relay this will change.

This is the functionality I believe I have been speaking of. I’ll just wait it out.

Thank you for talking time to look it over.