Privacy-focused VPN service

The purpose of this topic is to exchange information about privacy-oriented VPN services.

Currently I am using Mullvad. Are there any other VPNs you would recommend?
IVPN has a buggy Linux desktop app and is unstable; ProtonVPN depends on NetworkManager.

Currently, I am not unhappy with Mullvad, but would like to know of alternatives in case Mullvad becomes evil in the future.

I’m using Windscribe from 2019 and in recent weeks even with Internet crackdown in my country it’s still works - real resistance! :sunglasses:

I think both Windscribe and Mullvad seems more private than other and supports RAM-only servers in case of servers crackdown. Also they are not relay on ads or sponsoring.

In terms of application stability, I still prefer Windscribe while Mullvad works great with third-party clients.

I have my own VPN servers in different parts of the world. I help some scientists and specialists, also good people.

I have enough worries of my own, so I have no time to do surveillance))

The fee is symbolic, you can pay with cryptocurrency. If you need a VPN, then contact us.