PrivateBin and Etherpad file deleting

Please forgive me if this is in the incorrect section or method for asking for assistance.
Please point me in the correct direction if it is.

I recently created files using Etherpad and PrivateBin. I would really like to delete these files from my Disroot account.
I have the links to the files that I created.
Is this possible? I didn’t save the delete token links.

Thank you

For PrivateBin you cannot delete any paste without the delete token. You can simply forget the link because it is impossible for someone to figure out the link along with encryption token, disroot doesn’t have the encryption token!

Disroot has: ?bc0276e118bf03d2

#D5Wfh0a0u71F0AgAT2Iw6p4XO2Sdk1bTCc4/f0xiouk= > This part is required to see the content of that paste.

Thank you. I appreciate your feedback.