Problem receiving emails fom Epic games

Hi, as the title says for some reason Im unable of receiving emails from “Epic games” (not even in spam folder). I tried to change the email to another to try to avoid having to ask for support but the main problem is that I cant change my email in my Epic account because I need to click on a link to confirm it that is sent to my disroot who doesnt receive the emails from Epic in first place, Im trapped in a loop.

I never set a custom filter to block emails from Epic or something like that, so I dont know what to do.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Coud you specify from which exactly domain you suppose to recieve email. I will check the logs and see if something reseambling epicgames domain bounced off of our server. This could be the case if due to greylisting, which we use to prevent spam, the email form epic is not re-send to you. If this is the case I will whitelist them (if I know exact domain that is) and you can check if you got the email or not.

FYI. Please, if you post already to support email dont double post in forum. Give us a moment to reply to your initial email, otherwise it creates mess with two seperate threads to follow and react to. Thanks.

I’m not sure ir this is the domain you are asking me for but I’m supposed to be receiving emails from “” if not, let me know where should I check to give you the right answer.

Oh sorry, since the auto-reply message suggested to come here I thought this was okay.

Have you recieve emails for them since? I have whitelisted them on our systems so it should work. Please let me know so I can investigate further if needed.

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I just tried and it worked at first try. Thanks for your help!