Problem Uploading Files to DisHub

So the pics that I’ve been trying to upload to my DisHub cloud either don’t show up at all, or, if they do, then their size is always 0 bytes! I do have some files stored in my DisHub cloud (profile pic, cover pic) but that was on the day I created my channel (approx a week ago). I’ve tried to upload files via Firefox, Brave and Nomad but the result is always the same: no files or 0 bytes files.

I just tryed to upload files in Nomad and i confirm that it doesn’t work. Then i tried from Firefox on my desktop and i got the same result. I wil ask @muppeth to investigate also.
Please be patient. we try to solve it asap.


I contacted @muppeth and he confirms that there is an issue with uploads in DisHub, it’s not possible to upload anything.
He will look at it tonight. :wink:

The issue is resolved! \o/

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Thank you!

thanks. Fixed it. In few days we finally will update hubzilla which will surely fix the issue permanently.