Problem with mumble

Hello. Still a newbie around here. Please be patient.

I wanted to try out Mumble, but on the website, after providing a username (should I provide any in particular?), I get the error message:

[9:24:30 PM] Connecting to server
[9:24:30 PM] Connection error: [object Object]

I get this message for many weeks now.
I’d say I’m doing something wrong, but I have no clue what would it be. Could someone please provide some hints?
Thank you.

Thanks for reporting. Indeed the web app seems to be broken. Sorry for that. We use dedicated desktop and mobile apps so havent notice. I made a note of this and will fix it asap.

Thank you, muppeth.

By the way, is this the preferred and proper way to report when something seems to have problems?

I guess firing email to is a good way, but yeah indeed there is way too many places to do that (taiga, mastodon, hubzilla, forum, email etC) that its even hard for us to focus on one. Tbh same goes for the way we work (we have way too many communication channels) so we are now working on unifying this and making it less all over the place (sometimes having too many options is not good). And part of reporting issues is one of the things we want to tackle too.