Problème pour créer une nouvelle adresse EMail (famille)


Je voudrais créer une adresse EMail Disroot pour mon épouse avec Firefox.
Quand je clique sur “S’inscrire sur Disroot”, on me demande de m’identifier sans me permettre d’inscrire une autre personne. Je suis obligatoirement dirigé vers mon compte personnel.
J’ai essayé de supprimer le cookie mais le problème persiste.
Comment faire ? Utiliser un autre navigateur ?
Merci pour votre aide ! :wink:

As of today morning, Disroot User Creation has been closed down. In few minutes we will post official announcement.

Here is the announcement. Sorry :frowning: We will be back up and running as soon as we come up with a way to solve the issue.

Sad to hear that.

Can we use referral system for a while to stop spams?
I remember, a decade back famous American e-mail service provider adopted similar method :slight_smile:

There is a reason we want to avoid the referral system.
Referral systems create exclusiveness, where people without connections are locked out form possibility to have an account (good example even on our forum Need an invite code for riseup ). Being accessible to anyone was one of the main reason to start disroot in the first place. We have still not found a solution to the issue, however in upcoming two weeks it will be our main focus. We hope to find some sort of solution either permanent or temporary.

Les inscriptions sont temporairement suspendues pour cause d’utilisation des services par des spammeurs. Retour à la normale (i.e. possibilité de s’inscrire) prévue dans les prochains jours.