Problems with taiga

hi everybody,

thanks to openmailbox changed it feature-set up I found disroot. I like the service very much, but since today I’m not able to enter the taiga board, when I try to enter my username and my disroot-passwort it fails with an error: “your username/passwort is incorrect”

what can I do?

And also I wanna use taiga with the android app, but when I enter the domain it says “no connection”. Is the adress the right one?

Thanks in advance

It should work now. Sorry.

There seems to be a bug which creates wrong usernames during certain case of user creation process. Were you invited to taiga, or you just loged in for the first time ever with just your disroot account (username without and password)?

Thanks for the quick respond. Now I’m able to log in with my disroot-account.

I loged in yesterday for the first time and it worked.

And to answer your question, I was not invited.

Did you then just go to and loged in as:
login: michiel
password: your password?


I’ve created an issue ticket about it so that we’ll not forget to look into that. In the mean time we will monitor it manually and if bug occurs will fix it for each user (might not be instant).

If anyone experiences it, please let us also know in this thread. I will keep it open until the issue is resolved. I also changed the topic (hope you dont mind)

thanks for reporting!

I can’t login to anymore. Logged in first time last week with disroot account, but now it dosn’t work. Tried to reset password, didn’t help. Also tried usernamedisrootorg as username.