Proposal to host Wallabag

Since Framabag will shutdown

i would like if you could add wallabag to the service you provide if possible

Thanks in advance

As far as I know, it’s not on our list. Especially as we have NextCloud bookmarks which can be used a bit like this.

the problem with nextcloud bookmark to use it like wallabag that it don’t let you read articles offline
with Wallabag every client i saw support reading articles offline and i don’t always has connection to the internet

so i use wallabag for what i want to read later and bookmarks for every thing else

Sorry, I made a mistake in answering and now it seems there is no way to change the recipient of the answer… :triumph:
See if he leaves me this time…

I see that this conversation is a bit old, but if you allow me to specify, Wallabag is not a bookmark manager; its role is more of a “sanitizer” and web keeper for further reading. Also, the mobile app allows reading aloud, which makes it very useful for people with vision problems or just to listen to a press article, blog, etc, while you’re making the purchase or sporting the park. If you have to compare it to some other software it would certainly be with Mozilla Pocket.

Automatic translation. Excuse me and blame the program in case of mistakes :wink: