Question on RSA and other infrastructures,

How do companies that make web browsers get things like RSA and DIffie Hellman to work, when generating such large primes (in the case of RSA) is seemingly inefficient?

I’ve heard Elliptic Curve is more efficient, but some places talk about a mysterious backdoor in it.

I think my trouble is I’ve learned a lot of my programming in a different way than the traditional route: I’m a creative writer in my free time, so I tend to approach my solutions in a similar way. So most of the cryptography I’m familiar with is technically deprecated and symmetric.

Ex. Cuff Cipher, a self fractionating hexigraphic substitution cipher.

But getting into Public Key systems, and I’m more lost than Rip Van WInkle in the Blade Runner universe.

I wasn’t sure if this was more of a fit for this section, or engineering.

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