Reading about the backup policy information


Is there a document somewhere explaining the backup / disaster recovery plans for disroot? So that I can adjust my own policy accordingly. It is perfectly fine if there are no backup and hardware failure means all data is lost.

Thanks for a great service!

There is no document, though we should mention it somewhere.
We run daily backups of data that are kept on a separate backup machine (own by us) for a period of 7 days.
We however do not recover data upon personal request (so in case you deleted a file you would like to recover) as it would create too much overhead for us (unless special circumstances). We keep the backups purely for disaster / recovery of the server as a whole.

Of course we cannot give any warranty to that either.

That sounds great.
Do you have recommendations? Is it easiest to sync data via the client as a backup? Would another Nextcloud server and using federation put more strainn on the resources than using a client?
with 4 GB and a eliable sync client I suspect most simply use that, but that does mean deletions and damage will be synched too. I know it is the users responsibility, but maybe you have do’s and don’ts that will limit the stress on the serrver? And be wise?