Recommended time to wait for a solution with gitea?

I don’t know why you (mod) closed the topic since there was no solution, to make the forum a source of answers, but thank you for openning a ticket/issue in gitea itself.

Since I haven’t had an issue in the past to know how disroot handles a user question, I don’t know how to translate the silence. Should I wait, is there hope, should I move the project somewhere else? I would think hosting an entire distro in your project would have been positive publicity, especially one that is so close in values and principles as disroot’s.

I understand that sometimes decisions on how to solve a problem are not individually handled but require a collective decision process, and this takes time. This is well respected on my side, I wouldn’t want “customer relations”, I am here because I see it as a community. For me it is a way of learning how disroot works as well.

On the contrary, locking a forum thread, without being able to have a question answered, appears as unnecessary and contrary to the purpose of a forum. Did the topic somehow violate the purpose of the board? I allow some space for misinterpretation here, I am not criticizing the practice on face value.

Somehow through the help of a git client, smartgit, and trial/error I was able to overcome the problem I had, which was a limit in the web interface of how many files to upload at a time (up to 5).

Somehow, what I couldn’t do from the terminal the client did it, adopted my key, logged in and synced everything up.

So if it is possible through the dreadful git client gui it must be possible manually from terminal, the question is how.

I like to keep this open for when I find the solution to serve as helping others.