Requesting alias

I’m trying to make a donation and get some mail alias in return, but there’s something I don’t really understand.
I the form theres a box which reads «Name of payment holder or other transfer referance [sic]». What does that really mean? I need to fill in with my name? Doesn’t make much sense for a privacy friendly service like Disroot. And what about that «transfer reference»? If I haven’t introduced any data about bank account, Faircoin, Patreon or whatever other supported payment methods, what’s that reference I should write?

BTW, forget about that request from “sdjkdshd”. It was me just essaying to see if I was asked for some real payment method in the next step. I saw that not. The only data asked to me seemed to be those random ones I wrote in the form. I don’t understand anything. :neutral_face:

Please excuse if I’m missing anything obvious but I still have no idea about how to ask for email alias.

As we explain on the form’s page, aliases are available for regular supporters, this is one way we are able to keep the services running. Therefore we assume you will chose one of the payments method to become a supporter. Paypal, bank transfers and Patreon obviously do not allow anonymity but you are always welcome to support Disroot with Faircoin or Bitcoin or even with an envelope in the post if you prefer.

theres a box which reads «Name of payment holder or other transfer reference [sic]». What does that really mean? I need to fill in with my name?

Notice the little “or” there? A name is not mandatory - if you use one of the anonymous methods you can use your transaction address as reference or attach a comment if possible. With any other method we will get your name anyway from the payment service itself. Without the reference we will not be able to know the donation comes from you and give you the aliases you request.

If you have different creative ideas on how to go about it please let us know :slight_smile:


I understand, but my doubt is that I still don’t know what’s that reference I should write. in a payment form there should be a, well…, a payment form, a place where make the payment. I can’t fill in a reference that doesn’t exist since I’m not being asked for it in the form.

Ok, now I see: One has first to donate, and then go to the alias request form and paste there the Reference for the previously made payment.
Makes sense, but regarding those creative ideas you mentioned, I think you could add some link to the donations page in the form, near the Reference box, so first time donors would understand the process more clearly. Said link should open the donations page in a new tab, so the user doesn’t loses their already half filled form and can make their donation, copy the reference and switch back to the form’s tab to continue the process.

Another more question, well, two, :grin::

  1. Should the 5 alias be requested at once? One may not need as many from the begining and request just a couple or three, but may think it would be utile to have a couple more in the future.

  2. What if we want to discard one alias (think of those adresses you have for online shopping, how after one or two years they become a real repository of spam) and replace it for a new one? Autistici or the old Openmailbox made the process very easy, but since here I just have seen the alias form (regarding this alias related stuff) I don’t know how could I clean my alias “collection”.

Well. Domain linking as well as aliases as mentioned in the form are a reward for regular donnors. I think its clear in order to claim it you should donate first. This is not a service you pay for and that is why it is constructed that way. The main thing is actually donating in the first place becasue you value disroot services. The alias is a bonus and thats how we see it. So far it seems everyone requesting aliases sees it more or less the same. Maybe more explanation is needed although i have the feeling your are just trying to overthink the whole thing.

No. Infact only few people did go for all 5.

There is no mechanism for that yet. So you just need to submit a ticket to support and get it all sorted. We hope in the future to be to have some ui for it, but atm it’s not a priority for us.

I don’t know, but even if I do, I think is the way many “average computer users” may see the whole thing. Users who don’t understand why the “correct” way of thinking the process is first donate and then request features instead of thinking «Since I like Disroot and want to support it, i’m going to make the most of the occasion and donate while I request for some alias».
Understand that most of us are used to have things at our “mousetips”, everything made easy, intuitive. instead, I went to the form, saw that «Reference» thing and thought: «What reference? I should have been asked for the donation first». I don’t think that is a “lack of respect” to your vision just something expectable because normally things in coumputers stuff work like this.

So, i understand I could come to the form page in the future and request more alias if i need them, until I reach that limit of 5. Good.

Isn’t a priority for me either. I was just afraid of not being able to renew my alias due to that lack of a mechanism for it. Submitting a ticket is enough for me too. After all, changing alias isnt something one is going to do every day.