riot app: login password not working

I have the problem that I can login to (also with added e-mail and phone number) but not to or to the standalone apps on desktop / mobile. Is my disroot password not accepted there, or do I use the wrong user name?

You must use our server to login to riot. So for web instance use

If you use standalone version or mobile app, you have to select “Custom server” and there instead of type

thanks. It works with custom server:

it doesn’t work for me. it says me Incorrect username and/or password when I try to login via with default server and custom server as well. am I doing somthing wrong?

We are discontinuing matrix server in the sense of providing matrix service to new users. Therefore if you created an account in last days, you wont be able to use matrix.

We are about to release an announcement about it later this week.

ok. thank you!

Are there plans to resume the matrix service?

I’ll second the question.

Is Disroot suggesting/implementing a substitute (Wire maybe or…)?

We already run XMPP as a service . At the moment we do not host a web client (in works) and we will also rebuild the disroot website to mention xmpp as the default one and link to all the recommended clients (like conversations on mobile android, gajim or dino on desktop). you can use your credentials to login and your handle is the same as email so

We’re lagging with the announcement and changes but that will come as soon as possible. you can join our xmpp room at:

Since there is still no announcement: What is the motivation behind this decision? Is it too demanding on server resources, does it require too much time to maintain?
I am asking, because I am considering to set up a homeserver myself.

We are in summer holiday season where both me and antilopa were on holidays the past week so we have not have enough time to release announcement.

The resource conerns are one thing, but also (and most importantly) the fact all history is stored on the server, peoples addresses are visible to anyone, etc (we’ll share more light on why we find this issues problematic and decided to switch our focus back on xmpp in the annoucement). I would say for personal use synapse is ok. The scalability problems start when you have few thousand users and double that of rooms, some with few thousand people in.

Also if you intend to use it as a IRC client and join a lot of very busy rooms, if your hardware is not fast enough and disk space either, you might run into trouble.


That is very valuable information for me, thanks a lot! Looking forward to the announcement.