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I’ve recently come across disroot and it seems a fantastic service. I do not need any of the offerings (though I will recommend you) other than a feed/rss reader. I know you provide nextcloud-news but it is very feature poor and not really the best option out there.

Would you be up to providing another (perhaps in addition to, or maybe in alternative to nextcloud-news) feed reader? There are several options in the following link:

I suppose the best one would be TinyTiny RSS, though I’m not sure, that’s something you’re probably better equipped to decide. Something lightweight yet powerful.

What say you?

So, is there no interest in doing something like this?

We are sorry but our answer to your feature request is negative. We are not considering adding another RSS reader for few simple reasons.

  1. Setting up redundant services (even with different feature set) is confusing for users. It becomes unclear what we offer, where, how to use it etc. We’ve done similar thing with matrix and xmpp and we are considering adding mastodon instance. But the scope of both is so much different we think it’s beneficial to our users (for example we started with xmpp only, but barely anyone us using it in comparison to matrix)
  2. Maintenance overhead. We are small project currently run by two people. We need to be careful what we host as it takes our time to maintain each service. We simply cannot install, host and maintain every service outthere. Especially when every user has his own preferences (for example I’m very much happy with nextclouds news app and dont need anything else, while you would like something else).
  3. For each service we provide there are 10 alternatives. Like mentioned above we simply cannot and dont want to maintain them all. In this example, we have choosen Nextcloud News because it is already integrated into nextcloud (so easy to use etc) and it’s easy to maintain. Yes there are for sure missing features but its a tradeoff we decided to live with,
  4. Limited server resources. Apart from our time we need to put in maintaining the platform, each additional service uses our limited hardware resources. Instead of redundant services we rather use those resources to provide something new, not yet covered.


I’m sad by your answer though I very much understand your reasoning. Hopefully in the future you’ll agree with me that nextcloud-news is not as feature complete as others and will replace it with an alternative. But I thank you for your extensive reply. It’s refreshing to see something other than “no”.

EDIT: What about a dark theme for nextcloud-news?

Hi own but I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

The ‘next cloud news’ android app has a dark theme.

If you’re looking for a darktheme on the ‘’ nextcloud web app use an addon see addon Chrome addon FireFox

What are your specific issues with nextcloud-news?

I’m very much liking the Mastodon instance idea. In fact, I’m just waiting for one to go online. I moved my Diaspora account over, yesterday. Now, just waiting on Mastodon.

Since the facebook crisis and poeple pouring in looking for alternative, we also started looking around. We are at the moment about to test hubzilla. Hubzilla actually federates natively to diaspora, friendica, socialhome and mastodon. It also supports, groups, events, calendars, and more (you can even setup a website as it has a cms built in). If we decide to set it up for disroot (should be more clear in coming few days) we would end up with one service federating to the entire fediverse, and more!
Stay tuned for more info to follow soon.


That is amazing! I’ll keep an eye out for that info! Thank you for the heads-up!

We’ve started working on getting hubzilla to proper state, while testing features, server resource requirements. Some of the disrooters jumped in to help.
We’ll be updating this thread with all the progress as well as start some general brainstorming, feedback etc. Also as mentioned in above thread, our chat and taiga board is publicly open for anyone to join.