Say Hi, All

Let’s say hi to each other.

My name is Tristan and I am interested in computer programming but more specifically compiler and interpreter design and implementation.


Hi Tristan.
Just checked your website. Looks very interesting considering your age. I hope we can steal you for some disroot related coding sometime as we aren’t coders, and would need some talented help with few ideas we have for near future. :slight_smile:


Still have lots to learn. But oneday I will help out. Anything for a good community.

When I am older I will definately be donating to the service if I can - to make sure funds are sorted.

Sweet thanks.
Funds are always a problem with this type of projects, but so far we managed :stuck_out_tongue:
First year behind us.

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Good to know. :smile:

Hi all, I get by with the handle Enoch (kinda like the steampunky sound of it) and I have very few tech skills at all. I am more inclined to art, writing and linguistics. I am keen on privacy issues, hence my presence on the Disroot site. I really love what is being done here. Big shout out too all.

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Hi there and welcome!

Great to hear you like our little project.
If you want to engage with community of disroot more I suggest you head over our Matrix chat room where we pretty much hangout and talk about things beyond disroot and its services (very offtopic at times :P).
There is also work being done on translations and new tutorials for so you might find it interesting too.

All says hi! Dad jokes aside…

Hey! I mainly taught myself in Ruby, having trouble getting into other languages besides Python. Working on a couple of IPFS websites at the moment.

Just finished a method of downloading all of the Base58 hash values of my content, so I can set back and wait for the content to become active, doing other things like make coffee.

Look forward to meeting people.

hello, i just discovered while looking for a way to ditch Gmail.

my background was in scientific computation, but now that i have been forced to “retire”, my efforts have embraced open source system development, in the spirit of and like minded projects. this was a reaction to the take-over of many linux distros by systemd. the init system i devised is 4x faster and 0.0005x the size.

distalk seems quiet compared to the other forums i have taken part in [eg dng mailing list], but i hope i can contribute a little fire.


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Ohai ! I’m oliver. I’m a Reiki Practitioner and an Light Designer for all time. I also be a beekeeper and i have some skills in photoshop/gimp, video edition (wondershare filmora) and sometimes i make some sounds (mix) on sound forge and audacity. I’m pretty good at personal computer security (and web security) and I like anonymity and Free Software. excuse my bad language but I’m French.

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Hey all, I am still going by the handle Enoch (I really don’t recall that last post up there). I teach English to international students and still have an increasing interest in a range of areas (including open and independent internet assets). Hails all!

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Like some others here, I’m looking for a way to ditch Google services, full stop.

I’m retired, served in the military for many years, and don’t like the way the world is heading. Too much hate - History does repeat itself, unfortunately and it appears we’re going full circle to a pre WW2 scenario. I hope I’m wrong, but Fascism seems to be on the rise, worldwide.

Since I just joined, and acknowledge that I’ve read of the problem Disroot has had with spammers and other unsavory characters, I assume that is why I can’t set up a cloud account or email account here?

Anyway, thank-you very much for providing this service. Is there a Patreon page for this service? I’d like to contribute, as I’m sure the organization can use help in that regard.

Hi everyone,

my name is Chiara, but I go with Melyanna or K online (actually some friends do call me K offline too).
I stumbled upon Disroot via the android app, while I was boredom-browsing the f-droid store: turns out Disroot does many things I actually needed, and am all for FOSS and/or apps that don’t feed on my personal data, so here I am.


Hi, I’m ana on and offline - I can’t find a better and shorter nick.

I have been using aktivix for many years, but we don’t have a forum like this and I was looking to create one, another post made clear it doesn’t work like that.

there are things I do in , it is in two languages, I could help with a bit of translation into Spanish

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Hi, my name is Ivo, idnovic is my online handle.

I am in favour of open source software and was looking for a privacy minded email provider with own domain support.
Good that I found disroot!

I am (soon) a student of computer science and very interested in computer security.

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Hi @ana if you are interested in finding out about help with Spanish translations you can join the disroot howto channel in XMPP: where we talk about disroot tutorials and their translations. There is also where sometimes we talk about the translation of disapp the Disroot Android app available on F-droid developed by @massimiliano that also needs translations from time to time. Feel free to join in

I’ve challenged myself to use open source whenever I can. I have the basics of gnu/Linux down but don’t know much coding. I have relied on excellent documentation and thorough guides to make the transition from commercial, proprietary digital tools. I think communities like this are essential for informing, protecting, and organizing vulnerable groups. My hope is that eventually everyone can be protected from commercial exploit and have their privacy as a right and under their control


could not find that room.
found others, can;t cope with so much talking.
maybe should just put on this forum what page/s or text/s need translating?

Don’t know much about computer industry, so far am just a simple civilian. Currently in high school, my knowledge of IT is pretty limited to popular topics like privacy and what not. This is mainly how I found this place. Seeing how everything is being censored nowadays, I do everything to avoid the mainstream services so my data does not get sold and no profit out of my usage is made.