Say Hi, All

Welcome! You made the right decision early on to avoid “mainstream services”…check out Freenet while you’re at it (if you want to truly combat censorship).


Some of you have seen me in the chat, but I wanted to introduce myself more “formally,” if you will.

I’m William. I live in Austin with my wife, four dogs and parrot. I, like others, have been extricating myself from Big Tech’s ecosystem. I don’t work in tech directly as an engineer or developer – I do the marketing for a small company that takes care of small businesses’ IT. So, I have general visibility into the tech world but no hands-on professional technical experience.

I’ve revived old puters by loading various Linux distros and such, so I have some “hobby” experience, but I’m always learning. I’ll post elsewhere my most recent rabbit-hole experiences with storing and securing my family’s data. It should provide plenty of laughter for those with actual technical knowledge and experience, and, hopefully, I’ll get some good ideas for improvements.

I’ve written online since I was in high school. So, if you want to really get to know me, head over to and feel free to message me.

As for Disroot, thank you for accepting me! I look forward to adding all I can and learning even more from all of you! I’ve started a monthly donation to replace my no-longer-needed Google storage subscription. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hello, everybody! I’m new here. My name is Lucas and you can call me Cas. I’m kind of lost, getting to know how things work here, but I want to say I had a very positive surprise when I discovered Disroot… about fifteen minutes ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been pretty stressed the last months as I see how the Internet becomes more and more hostile with Google and Facebook everywhere poking even on sites that have nothing to do with them, sometimes wishing I could completely abandon the internet and finding this community has made me feel very hopeful, like there’s a good internet still out there. I’m very thankful!

Anyway, my interests are super varied, I’m into electronics and retro computing. I an also a musician and I like reading about natural science, all of them. I like peace, privacy and respect. So… Hello!!! :slight_smile:

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Welcome! If you want to see more of the “good internet”, check out Neocities and the search engine.

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Hi! I like to go by the name gudishvibes, and I’m in the process of ditching google. I’m also interested in computer programming and I use Python. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Found it. 4 years later! :joy:

I welcome everyone.

I have been using Disroot services for a long time, but I decided to look at the forum very recently.

I have many different interests. I am fond of books, games, anime, manga, computers, free operating systems, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, ethics and other sciences) Do not mind talking about this or that topic.

At the same time, while studying cryptocurrencies, I developed my own solution that allows you to create secure crypto deposits and get a good percentage for storing money on it. The reason for the initiative was to abandon the traditional banking system, because it parasitizes on us as customers. If anyone is interested in this direction, who wants to save and increase their money, then write to me here or by mail (VPN connections are provided as a gift).

Hi, everyone! My name is Elijah and I am interested in web development. Also I’m using Linux as main operating system. Now I’m learning python frameworks and javascript.


I’m rowdy boy. Nice to meet you all :slight_smile: . I’m new to disroot and forums, but not to open source. I have been following open source since I discovered it. Now I am trying to disengage all my online interaction and change to open source. I also want to uninstall all my google apps and delete my apps account in there. I want to erase my online presence and stay anonymous as it should be.
I tried managing a linux distro on my computer before, but found it frustrating lol. As all my games I like playing are in other OSes. I’m trying. I am hoping and striving that someday I will be fully open source.
I also tried buying a linux laptop, but its too expensive for me. As OS specific computers as Linux laptops are more inclined to be compatible to linux.
I am an open source fan.
Ok bai.

Rowdy Boy