Why should I use instead of

Simply put. To decentralize. There are few good reasons for that.

  1. If goes down there would be no searx
  2. In order to spread the resource load. If everyone would use a single instance, the resources needed to have the instance run smooth would be very high which means real money to maintain the infrastructure. Instead spreading over multiple other instances, also spreads out the foot print in resources / money.

Searx developers very much promote the idea of creating as many searx nodes as possible. Few months back the main instance at was closed down on purpose forcing people to choose other instances.

This doesnt not mean we say, use ours. Ours is the best or in any way better then We are one of many which means you can choose an instance that provides most suitable results for you. Or, even better, you could host your own instance and join the party :slight_smile: