Searx Google engine not working, lots of timeouts with others

Since yesterday, does not present any Google-based results anymore. has no such problems.

Other search engines, such as Wikidata, 500px, deviantart, flickr time out most of the times now, too.

Thanks for heads up. Every now and then our instance goes crazy and needs restarting.
We’re looking into resurrecting it as we speak.

Furthermore I made an issue on our board so that it is fixed permanently:

(Searx is my default search engine and I haven’t notice the issue until now, which is weird as I do hundreds of searches each day)

I saw it immediately, because I disabled most other engines. But when I had a look at it via another browser (no cookie with settings), it also took me a while before I understood why there were results. They were Yahoo and Bing results, evidently :smile:

As far as I know google often timesout instances that do too many queries (giving a cooldown time) so could be we just hit that again, thought that shouldn’t last for that long (usually few hours tops).

I will have a look into it in a while, also there is a new version of searx released yesterday so as I’m at it, I will update.

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Cool! Thank you so much!

I just run update to latest 0.13 version but checking the issue board of searx project the issue seems to be not only related to our instance.

I will look into it and try apply the same changes that have been applied to main instance at hoping it will get solved.

Odd, I can’t replicate on, which is still on 0.12.0, so I thought it was related to disroot’s instance. I just checked on as well (running 0.13, probably with those two patched in the GitHub issue), and it seems to work fine. So the patches should work, I’d say.

Yes. but we are now already flagged by google. It basically forces captcha. I’m about to ask guys at searx how to fix it up. We are running the latest version with the changes, but I see we are being blocked by google nonetheless.

That sucks :frowning: Google is way too aggressive with these checks. Same thing for using VPNs, where users get bounced off of their services. Some can’t even use Gmail’s IMAP anymore (permanently) because of it.

Ah ok, I guess you need to pull the plug for a while :confused:

bloody google!
I’ve disabled google search for some time, until we are allowed again. In the mean time I recommend enabling ixquick, duckduckgo and startpage in the search engines settings.
Thanks a lot for reporting. Let’s hope things get back to normal. Being without searx is like being without a leg.


As far as I remember, Startpage uses only Google, right? So that’ll do. (I do remember that itself has a horrible delay, though).

just a headsup.
I enabled google search on our searx instance and it works. Hopefully google won’t block us any time soon.

Thanks! Tested and working! :smile:

Aaand it’s gone again.


I can confirm google throws captchas on us again. There was a new searx release an hour ago, so I will update and switch google search off for an hour.

Aaaannnnd it’s back.
Wonder for how long, though I thought maybe we could include more searx instances as search engines (did added two). in that way if we are blocked we could still use other searx instances. Though, we could endanger them to be blocked as well.

Lets wait and see.

Thanks. I’ll keep a close eye on it. Did you add “wehost”?

What does it mean if you’re searching via other searx instances? Does it then do a search according to your settings and selected engines on that instance?

Searx is a metaserch engine. So when you are quering for something, it actually ‘asks’ all the search engines (enabled by you in preferences) for answer. Searx is modular, and obvious, searx has a possibility to query other searx instances, (kind of inception if you think about it). is a similar to disroot project run by our friends. I thought to try querying their searx instance as a fallback. Though there is a danger that when google punishes us for the amount of queries it will punish them as well (same amount of queries). So this might not work but its worth trying to see what happens and in worse case nuke their instance muahahaha… :smiling_imp:

Yeah it’s captcha time again.

Edit – Internal server error! I’m guessing you’re working on it, that’s why? :slight_smile: