SearX Vs Duckduckgo Vs

Which one these is better ?

Also what is the difference between and ?

And one more thing why are there so many plugins on
Which one should I install?
It’s very confusing

The major difference between searx instances is that they are different instances :stuck_out_tongue: This means that things are more decentralized. This has few advantages:

  1. Does not force one provider to gearup with hardware that would manage the load (finances)
  2. Does spread the use so that if one instance dies, is out of order or in any case not available, there are lots of others providing the service.

There are a lot of plugins out there because anyone can create one and upload it. Ours is the one that is provided by “ Project” however we should add it straight in the page to make it simple and easy to add (by the time we publish that plugin we were the only one, didnt know there is now so many).

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Thanks,So it’s the one which is highlighted.

There are so many privacy focused tools these days sometimes I find it difficult to decide the right service.