Secure password problem

I have tried to change my password (somehow weak) and create a more secure one like “ð3P;é L75aG%6Üdñ·:-)”, but didn’t work. Instead, I got this error message:

«HTTP 500
An error has occurred. If this error occurs repeatedly please contact your helpdesk.»

Is it planned to add real UTF-8 support so we can have reasonably secure passwords?

Best regards.

It is something we are aware of though never yet had time to properly investigate. I’ve created an issue on our board

Currently password length is 64 characters (issue here)
And you can use any combination of latin + special characters

Imo it’s not ideal but secure enough. We will be however looking into this so we dont have to pose any restriction on passwords.

Thanks. Let’s hope it gets solved soon.

I have to add some information I didn’t have before: The password change process not only refused to accept my desired password but also removed the previous one, so I have lost my account. When I try to log in with the former password I get a wrong password message.
Since I was just testing Disroot I didn’t pay much attention to the three questions for recovering my account, besides, I gave “surrealistic” answers to avoid any logical relation with the questions, so I don’t remember the answers well.
Anyway, as that testing account wasn’t important I created this new account from where I’m writing now. You can delete the old one if you want.

But there’s something somehow important because an user can lose their account for ever it they don’t remember or noted down the 3 necessary answers to recover the account. If you don’t mind, I’d suggest to put some advice in the password change page to warn the users to not use non ASCII characters (only during the period it takes to implement proper UTF support) under big risk of losing their accounts or at least having login problems.