Setting up a forum and integrating it to a wordpress blog?

I just wondered if it would be possible without a lot of hassle to set up a discussion forum for our netlabel and integrate it somehow on our site?

Shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Saw that there is a wp plugin to integrate with discourse. The only question I would see is user creation. Discourse by default is supporting a lot of different authentication methods such as facebook, google, twitter etc, but because our mission/vision to disroot from those it would be silly to have them snooping around. That’s why we have disabled those. We think it should be up to the community to decide those kind of things, but in our eyes we are still too small to make such decisions. Discourse also does not support posting without an account.

So if you don’t mind all this and want users to make accounts on to be able to comment on your site, it’s a 5 min job. Just tell me what category name would you like to have.

As for implementing on your blog’s side I could probably help you out if you need assistance.

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thank you for your quick reply.
i understand the problem with user creation but there seems to be a way to single sign-on using wordpress user authentication although i dunno if one needs to be registered first. but since i would have it bounded to the website it really would make sense to use this authentification methos (if it works)
i’m glad you guys don’t want to use the major auth.-methods blindly and i also see it as my duty to try to move ppl away from those s(noop)ervices :wink:

i don’t even know if this will work (if ppl will use it) but it’s worth a try and maybe the outcome will be something good.

the name for it shall be Draht:Discourse

many thanks for your effort and for offering your help. i’m not the fittest regarding those things so some support could help if i can’t figure stuff out myself.

Two problems there.

  1. If proposed plugin will be enabled and adjustment done on our side it will replace Discourse authentication. link
  2. People would still have to make account either on your blog or on to be able to comment anyway.

The solution would be to create (adjust existing) discourse plugin to allow other authentication methods. I am planning myself to do it for disroot accouts. Once done I could (if possible) adjust one for you too. Probably somewhere in the first week of september.

Question is, do people create accounts on your website? As far as I see, comments are open without registration.

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ah yes, i see the problem.

now, the main goal for me is to have an “intern” forum for the artists to discuss and plan things rather than having an open forum.
our previous plannings always happened on fb but since i (and some others) left fb i was thinking that having a forum integrated to the site would be a really nice feature and hopefully draw some heavy fb’ers away from fb.
so creating a discourse account shouldn’t be much trouble for those few ppl involved anyway (if i get them motivated though).

i guess rather than authentification the more important question here is: how can i integrate/embedd a forum to the site smoothly… maybe it would make more sense to look for an existing wp-integrated forum solution.

Ok. Now it becomes more clear.

@closed forum. All I need is the name. I will make it visible only for group members.

@users can authenticate either with the name or email address they used for registration (so it makes it more convenient to not forget it. also remember password on the browser might come handy).

for the rest look at this post

I will look around also for posibilities of integrating discourse in wordpress these days. I will share my findings with you.

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sorry for the delayed reply but my connection just broke off.

excuse me for being unspecific about my intentions… it wasn’t meant to waste your time.

the name of the forum shall be draht:discourse

thanks again for your help :blush:

No need to be sorry.
I’ve created rpivate category draht_discourse (sorry “:” not allowed). In the category you will find a welcome post with some additional information.

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wow, thank you! :+1:

i am setting up my website with discourse embbed… it would be cool to use disroot discourse…

I am trying to follow this:


but I get this error:
“NetworkError: 403 Forbidden -
Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit cross-origin framing.

X-Frame is currently set to deny any attempt in order to prevent cross site scripting Discourse however allows cross-origin requests per website.
I will enable it for your website this evening during discourse update as it requires downtime (application reboot).