SFTP & Minio/S3 External Storage

Hi, I really appreciate that external storage is supported for both WebDAV and Nextcloud. I was curious on if SFTP and S3 could be added. Thanks!

We do not support corporate cloud offering. We want to build a network of independent service providers who share our values. Using providers like S3 (amazon) goes totally against our values as it contributes to monopolization and centralization of the internet. Such companies because of their power can provide storage at much lower rates because of the scale of operations pushing smaller, more ethical providers out of the market.

Like in the case of disroot, we won’t offer external storage provided by those for-profit companies while we run our service on our own hardware we pay with real money. On top of that we would be doing all the heavy lifting on our side while one could enjoy benefits of practically free in comparison storage space provided by third party.

Thanks, I’ve been thinking about hosting my own storage and plugging it into my Disroot account as external storage. So far I’ve found SFTP or Minio (S3-compatible) to be some of the self-hosted options supported by Nextcloud.

Is it possible for me to host my own WebDAV server? I know I can run a full Nextcloud server, but what about just WebDAV in a secure manner? I see a lot of clients, but not as many servers… perhaps I’m not looking into this the right way. Cheers.