sharing photo gallery

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way I could make an album/gallery of photos on disroot, and then share it, e.g., by giving people a link to it. This came up after (once again) someone put a photo of me on facebook (without asking me first). Since disroot doesn’t tag me or do face recognition, I thought it would be nice to be able to share photos. Thanks.

Yes it is. You can just share any directory (or file) with a public link option. Anyone who knows the url generated by nexcloud can see the content of shared folder.
like this one:

To make it look like a proper gallery, you can click the icon in the upper right corner in the shared page (like the one above):

That will produce a gallery look. you can see that the url changed slightly to:
from to
Basically adding the “apps/gallery” into the share url will automatically change it to gallery look.

Of course you can also set whether that shared folder is read only, password protected or has expiry date. Those settings can be changed at any time:

So, back to the photos…

Is there a way to create an album / folder within the gallery? I couldn’t find a way to do this. I want to share some photos, but not all, if you see what I mean.

OK, silly me, I’ve gotten over the first hurdle and created a photo gallery in a new folder.

Next problem - I see no ‘share link’ box. I only see the activities / comments / sharing options, clicking on sharing gives me that box with ‘Name, federated…’, and nothing below. Any suggestions? Thanks.