Slow response times

Lately I am experiencing very slow response times from Disroot cloud services - no matter what client I use: Windows, Linux, Android. The response times are such that your services are practically unusable for me.

Are there some problems with the infrastructure on your side?

If this continues for a prolonged time I will be forced to change my cloud provider because this kind of service is very important for me. Please let me know if this is expected to get better in near future.

Hi there,

Disroot gives for free a modest service, both in economic an human resources, so yes, it is usual to have manteinance periods, some down times, but it is not so bad that I would leave for another service.

I use it as personal service, because of the security and discretion, my job does not depend on it, so I’m fine with it, but of course, to each its own.


Hi, We experience some issues lately whcih we havent found a root cause for yet. To top it up we last two weeks have been very busy for us in non-disroot related part of life which made it that much harder to focus on this issue.

We know its painful to use cloud right now. We are users of it just like anyone else. We are going to prioritize on this issue in coming days, hopefully finding the root cause of the issue and fixing it.

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Thanks for your answer and efforts to resolve this issue. It might also be good to inform users about this somewhere - via message or on your site maybe?

Well we do have which people should be aware of as we write about it in the welcome email.

I will be very unpopular and say that you can’t expect a super duper service, because the way disroot is run, reminds me communism. Not that is bad, it’s just not capitalistic and people have lives, so we have to be humble and get used to partial outages and what not. P.S. Don’t get insulted about communism : >

Yeah you could have spare the comparison indeed.
It’s a tricky issue and we havent found the root cause yet though we spent every free moment trying to solve this. We are very very sorry for this.


Thank you for the work maintaining disroot.

Unfortunately, its been months that rainloop response is awfully slow. I’ve been waiting but it doesn’t get any better.

It take tens of second to open a message. Not rarely, it takes minutes (really). Sometimes it opens a blank message. I have to click several times to open it. Sometimes I get “can get message list” error.

It is permanent behavior. Using disroot has become painful.

I use firefox 82.0.2 (64-bit).
Accessing email on android\k9 works normally.

What’s happening?


wow! everything works fine now!
This is wonderful. Thank you!

Hi, Armand. We’ve been experiencing a major cloud performance issue since a few days ago. We’re already working on it (Muppeth actually).
Sorry for the inconvenience.