Trying to preview an attachment photo (1.9 MB) on SnappyMail, using Firefox 99.0.1, and it doesn’t preview anything, it tries to download it and worse, always fails, resulting in incomplete .part files.

On SnappyMail’s Github page, I can’t find any issue about this and I don’t have a GitHub account anymore to post there.

Also, SnappyMail has some other bugs. Did you keep a temporary Rainloop instance on another subdomain?

[EDIT] OK, I got your email about Rainloop’s security.
Alternatively, have you checked Cypht?

OK, I just tested it again and was able to download the photo correctly, in Firefox.
As far as as the preview function goes, maybe SnappyMail’s dev removed the functionality altogether.

Consider this solved. Cheers.

When the new servers are set in, don’t forget to update SnappyMail.

Disroot’s version (2.15.0) has lots of bugs on email composing (spaces removed, line breaks added, extra text added when switching between HTML and plain text) and sieve filters (discard/reject can’t be set).

Upstream is already on 2.16.13.