[Solved] Bad gateway/timeout error 502/504 for Cloud and Email


I’ve been using Disroot Email and Disroot Cloud for contacts, calendar, etc. for a while now.

However, as of today both the cloud.disroot.org and email.disroot.org addresses are giving me either 502 Bad Gateway or 504 Gateway Timeout errors.

I’ve tried using different web browsers, different computers, and different Internet connections, and always get those errors.

This is pretty showstopping for me. Can anyone advise on how to solve this problem? Thank you very much!

Yeah sorry we had a small glitch caused by a daily script killing one of the crutial machines. We’ve fixed it now and will make sure its a permanent fix (will see tomorrow around this time). So yeah sometimes this things happen, but just like you we (admins) are daily users of our services too so the moment we open our eyes we make sure stuff works.

Sorry for turbulence.

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Thank you @muppeth for your super quick response!! Good to know it’s being resolved.

More importantly, many THANKS to you and the team for creating such a great community and set of services! Let’s all keep up the great work and set an example for the wider libre software and decentralisation movement.

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