[Solved] Can't login to DAVdroid

When I try to add my Disroot account to DAVdroid it tells me ‘Couldn’t find CalDAV or CardDAV service.’

need more info then that.

  1. Was your account approved?\
  2. Have you login in at least once to https://cloud.disroot.org
  3. Do you use two factor authentication
  4. What URL do you use when setting up davdroid (DAVx5 these days)
  5. DO you use username or username@disroot.org (username@disroot.org is not correct)

Sending a screenshot of your settings would help too.

I feel dumb. I needed to use an app password. You apparently can’t just use your Disroot password.

If you switch to Two Factor Authentication naturally you cant just use the normal credentials (what would be the sense of 2FA in that case).