[Solved] Cloud News app slow and/or not refreshing

In the last few days, the News app has been very slow and RSS feeds have not been refreshed. Today, the app refuses to load anything … just a spinning wheel in the browser, or empty newsfeeds in the Android app.

Is this a known issue, or is it just a consequence of general system slowness in recent days?

Thanks for your help.

Just checked and news app on android loads ok without issues. Though the web app seems to not load indeed. We have updated News app to the latest version earlier today so that might be an issue.

We’ll be looking into it asap.

The feeds are updated much slower then normal as we are experiencing issues with server resources. Hopefully that will stabilize soon.

It should be working now. Please check to confirm.

Yes, it’s working now. Thanks. Still a bit slow but I expect that will improve as the server resource issues are sorted out.

Thanks very much. :slight_smile: