[SOLVED] - Email Down?

Apparently so as of the present time. I did not see a downtime notification.

Connects, all validations fail. Web or remote clients the same.

Hi Hazarda!
It was my mistake. We are preparing new feature release on disroot and I removed privileges for the email server to lookup passwords (my bad), causing the issue. I haven’t spot it yesterday and only realised today when checking my email and having morning coffee.
Everything should be working properly now (please confirm).

Sorry for inconvenience.

There was no mail lost?

No, for sure not. The problem was that mail server could not authenticate users because temporary had no permissions to view and verify passwords. Users therefor could not login, but all emails were delivered.

Good. I was totally freaked out:

Sometime in November, my “ultra-secure” mail site in Tel Aviv was
apparently hit by Iranian hackers and totally wiped out for about five
weeks (!), so I can’t get my online billing and pay it, late fees adding
up, can’t move them to a new address without confirming it on the old
address, etc., etc. Then I had another e-mail provider crash. Then my
website provider crashes, taking out EVERYTHING right down to bedrock,
including ALL the customer sites’ backups and the provider’s backups
(these are pay sites with real busine$$ customers).

So, another mysterious service failure within six weeks or so was about enough to cause a freakout.

I see :slight_smile:
This time it was just pure fuckup on my side. As shitty as I still feel about it (believe me), I’m happy it wasn’t anything as bad as you just described.

If you don’t mind I’ll close this topic, and mark it solved.