[Solved] email registration down?

Tried yesterday / today in firefox and chrome

Disroot - User Self Service Center

HTTP 500

An error has occurred. If this error occurs repeatedly please contact your helpdesk.

I am in Ecuador, which sometimes triggers IP blocks (rare but do happen from time to time), so that might be the issue

It works on our end.

At what point exactly do you ge that error?

Right after you click on new user registration?
Since we still use re-captcha (shame on us) it might be related to either your browser or ISP/VPN whatever blocking it.

After you filled up the user registration form
Check if you havent used any non-latin characters in your password. Seems like the system we use doea not like people putting like ñ etc. try to stick to ‘nomral’ latin characters, numbers, special chars like (:., etc.

sometimes before recaptcha, but with some retries I can get recaptcha to appear, solve it, then the next stage the error appears and I cannot get passed it

Actually, I should have thought of it before, but your “or ISP/VPN whatever blocking it” reminded me. My ISP is strange, my IP will flip between 2-3 IPs all the time. I guess your login service is not liking my flipping IP.

Let me try through a proxy that will hold a single IP for the process

Confirmed that was the issue. Everything went smoothly through a proxy.