[Solved] How to move Matrix room?

Hello, there.

I have read an article Time to switch some lights off and known that a room #plume:disroot.org should have been switched off, of which I’m an room admin.

Currently we can chat in the room, but I feel we should move the channel to another server such as matrix.org. What should I do?

I tried to add a public address #plume-blog:matrix.org (succeeded) and make it main address. But I couldn’t do it and error panel appeared:

My environment is:

  • Windows 10
  • Element app

I’m not familiar with Matrix, so I have no idea what I should to. Anybody knows?

I’m sorry to tell you but as you know since 1st december we no longer provide matrix, which means we have no running server no database, nothing. If you havent done all that prior the server going down there is not much that can be done other then creating new room I guess.

Thank you for quick response.

I accept your Matrix server was gone, of course. But I wonder why we are able to chat in the room. Does Matrix protocol allows the room to exist now?

Now what I want to know is: can we continue chat in the room #plume:disroot.org without doing anything as far as members’ accounts on other servers? Or, is the room “ephemeral”? Should I create another room on another server and announce the new room to current room’s members?

This might not be proper for this category, but I’d appreciate if someone familiar with Matrix teach me.

Hi, Sorry for late reply on this one. Matrix rooms are host transparent. It means that every server participating in the room has a copy of the room. This means that even if disroot server goes down the conversation can continue. What I would suggest you to do is create aliases on other servers so that people can join the rooms easily. Now if you try to join :disroot.org room it will most certainly fail.

Thank you! We have already alias. I was reassured.