[Solved] "Minor" problem with certificate using The Bat! mail with pop3

Every time I pick up my mail I have to confirm the certificate question.
Buttons to look at and add the certificate are always greyed out, so impossible to to do that.
After clicking OK can always get my mail.
So a minor, somewhat irritant problem remains…

When did it start?
A few months ago I did not have that problem on the same system/same mail client.
No update of the mail client was used.

What did I do further?
Of course checked here and via Google if someone found solution for it…
I’ve installed The Bat! client on a complete fresh Windows 10 system and the same problem occurs. So there can not be a problem of a wrong accepted certificate, but every time collecting the mail, I have to confirm the certificate question.

See print screen the message below during the test when I install the mail client.
This message I also get when I try to collect my disroot mail.
So after every time clicking ok for the certificate question, I can get my mail without installing the certificate.
It’s just irritant and I never had it before using the same configuration.
I’ve quite some mail accounts and also maintain the system with The Bat! client of my partner (no disroot accounts), but this problem never occurred.
I use The Bat mail already more than 15 years.

Any suggestions are welcome! Tnx.

My system and settings:

Mail client:The Bat! mail using pop3
system tested: 2x on Windows 10 with different virus scanners
Settings used:
POP: disroot.org
SSL Port 995
Authentication: Normal Password

SMTP: disroot.org
Authentication: Normal Password

The picture at testing point during installation, just before I click OK. Starting to collect the mail after installing the client I get the same pop-up and only after OK I can collect the mail.

Solved…on an early Sunday morning… one gets new ideas…

Go to the Disroot webmail and go in this browser to the “small key or padlock” the one you can see that you are browsing safe (…or not safe… :frowning: )…
Click on it and find the certificate and open and safe it on your pc/laptop.
In Opera it looks like the 1st picture when you wanna see the details of the certificate.

For The Bat! mail, you have to import this certificate in your address book and the next time you wanna catch your mail you will get the same question as in my topic start, but now the button to add the certificate is NOT greyed out… so add it and click OK… and you’re done.
The next time you wanna get your mail, you will not being asked for the certificate …
A 2nd image shows the certificate imported into the address book of The Bat! mail.
How do you do this import?
Run the Bat! mail, click on F1 and use the "search"option of the Help and type: “import certificate”.
You will get 3 options, in my case the 2nd answer did the job…
Enjoy… :wink:

Opera as browser: find the certificate via the small key or padlock.
Should work in all browsers, I believe.

The certificate imported into the address book of The Bat! mail.

You shouldn’t have to do any of those. I’d say just undo whatever you did and file an issue for your mail client. If you imported the cert for disroot then fyi it gets changed every 3 month automatically so you would have to repeat this every 3 month. From your second screenshot it looks like you imported the root for disroot’s cert parent.

Can you change the language to english and reupload that first screenshot which had that error?