[Solved] News app not refreshing content


I’m having some trouble with the News app. I successfully import an opml file with my feeds, and I get all news to that moment. But it refreshes no more. I mean, when I come back later, it shows no new articles, but I know there are. This happens in both web app and android app, although the feed sync feature works between them, none of them get new content.

I followed the tutorial in how to section too (in case I was missing something), but I can’t figure out why it’s not working. I hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance!

There seem to be a repeating issue with the news app. More people, including me, are affected by it. We will look into it - I made an issue so you can follow any progress:


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The issue has been solved!

Though we will still keep an eye on things to make sure everything runs smoothly.