SOLVED: Nextcloud contacts app mentioned 23 errors when importing contacts from Gmail, but gave no details

Hi. I have just exported my ≃ 1300 contacts from Gmail to vCard, then imported them into Disroot Nextcloud Contacts app. The importer complained of 23 errors, but gave no other information about these errors. Is there a way a can check for logs, to see what these errors were? I am obsessed with not losing information.


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I tried a few more times. I tried vCard validation tools and read vCard documentation. I discovered in RFC 2426 that vCard 3.0 objects must have an FN property (as well as N and VERSION). A few of my contacts were anonymous (no FN or N), which I then fixed using in Google Contacts. I then again exported all contacts to vCard and used the sabre/vobject PHP package (installed via Composer 1.8.4, itself installed from Debian stable repositories) to repair, convert to vCard 4.0, then repair again the Google vCard.

I then imported it in Nextcloud Contacts and it reported no errors! I then checked many contacts and no essential information was lost. Nextcloud Contacts web interface does not show all details about each contact, so I also checked the LineageOS Contacts app (which I synchronize with Nextcloud via DAVx⁵) and for a few contacts I downloaded the vCard from the Nextcloud web interface. Of the ≃ 40 contacts I checked, only one had a significant problem—the home address was damaged. I verified the error was Google’s fault (Google’s original vCard was imperfect). Anyway, I will now close this forum question.