[Solved] NextCloud with Android

Hello, I just created a Disroot account and it’s working fine.
I’ve downloaded NextCloud app in my Android and followed the tutorial in this forum, but for some reason, it always says that my user or password is wrong (they’re not, I’ve checked several times).

Does it take some time to be able to use NextCloud with Disroot? I know I can use DAVDroid but it’s a very expensive app in my country currency.


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Does it take some time to be able to use NextCloud with Disroot?

Nope. You should be able to login straight away. Did you perhaps enabled two factor authentication? Could you supply a screenshot perhaps?

DAVDroid is only for managing contacts, tasks and calendars (nextcloud app does only files). There is a free build of DAVDroid on F-Droid We generally encourage people to use F-droid as a primary app store. All the apps in F-droid are Free/Open source software. Since DAVDroid is open source application there is a build of that application there too (and its free of charge). However we also strongly suggest donating to folks at Davdroid so they keep doing great job.

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Also have a look at:

And most of all make sure your password is correct.

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Thanks for your reply! I will try to use the DAVDroid in F-Droid.

Yup it’s enabled … do I have to turn it off in order to sync contacts?

You have to use App Passwords with two factor, it’s under Security in your nextcloud settings

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Thanks! I will try it :slight_smile:


It worked using App Passwords with 2FA, thanks for the tip @ericblank !