[SOLVED] Questions About Trash 'n Space

Hello, all. New user here. Trying it out and seeing how things go.

I could not find the answer for these online.

Emails in trash, are they auto-deleted in X days? Or is it something I need to be mindful so I do not fill up the account email storage?

My other question is what happens if the email account is filled up with emails and space for the account is, well, filled. Do older emails start getting replaced with the newer ones, or just no new emails come in?

So, not sure if I need to come online here and delete everything on a monthly basis or not.

Just wanted to get some clarification on how this system works here.

Thank you!

I got a response from the support team. Will share it here for anyone else looking in the future.


Regarding to the emails in the Trash, as Meaz already commented here
Email Trash Policy

"We don’t empty the trash bin. So it depends on you to check the client you use and how it is configured there."

Your second question: no older emails are replaced, new emails are “returned” to the senders.