[Solved] Rainloop: convert-headers-styles plugin

By default, Rainloop doesn’t parse inline styles. Is it feasible to install the convert-headers-styles plugin? From what I understand, no configuration is needed, it just needs to copied it into the plugins dir and it won’t affect the rendering of any email without inline styles.

The reason behind this, is that I use rss2email to get my RSS feeds as emails and the custom CSS stylesheet I use, is lost in Rainloop (Roundcube parses inline styles correctly but it’s miles aways from Rainloop in terms of comfort, readability and keyboard support).

Ahhh yes I saw that ticket earlier today. I will be looking into it. Seems like the plugin is depricated, so we would need to test and see whether it affects normal usage:

RainLoop doesn’t parse inline styles. There have been several attempts to do this, but unfortunately this has led to a variety of visual defects.

FYI, Teknik Webmail has this plugin enabled for the last 6 months and it’s been working correctly without any side effects.

cool. I i have time today I will enable it to check

Thanks, it’s working correctly.