[Solved] - Set up QOwnNotes with disroot cloud?

Hello, I am trying to set up QOwnNotes with disroot nextcloud, but it requires an website address. The username and password part is easy, but i need to know how to exactly set it up with nextcloud disroot. If anybody has done this before and knows how, that’d be great, thanks.

QOwnNotes allows you to save notes to nextcloud, so i’m wondering if it is possible with disroot.

It is possible with our nextcloud as we have qownotesapi installed (at least we did in the past). I’m compiling Qownnotes now so I will test it for ya and let you know asap.

Works fine looks like. in the URL you just need to put https://cloud.disroot.org

Thank you for the info. i wish i could mark this as resolved