[Solved] - Setting up Disroot for mutt E-mail client

Anybody been able to get their Disroot account working in a terminal based email-client in Linux like mutt?

I found this guide on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Unn7fysiE0 that is better specified at GitHub: https://github.com/gotbletu/shownotes/blob/master/mutt.md . I got my other accounts working. I tried using a similar input as for Gmail in the guide, but edited the parts for Disroot but it does not work. This is what I tried:

unmailboxes *
set imap_user = “USERNAME@disroot.org
set imap_pass = “PASSWORD”
set smtp_url = “smtp://USERNAME@smtp.disroot.org:587/”
set smtp_pass = “PASSWORD”
set from = “USERNAME@disroot.org
set realname = “REAL NAME”
set folder = “imaps://imap.disroot.org:993”
set spoolfile = “+INBOX”
set postponed = “+[Disroot]/Drafts”
set header_cache = ~/.mutt/org.disroot.USERNAME/cache/headers
set message_cachedir = ~/.mutt/org.disroot.USERNAME/cache/bodies
set certificate_file = ~/.mutt/org.disroot.USERNAME/certificates
set ssl_starttls = yes
set ssl_force_tls = yes
set status_format = “$from -%r-Mutt: %f [Msgs:%?M?%M/?%m%?n? New:%n?%?o? Old:%o?%?d? Del:%d?%?F? Flag:%F?%?t? Tag:%t?%?p? Post:%p?%?b? Inc:%b?%?l? %l?]—(%s/%S)-%>-(%P)—”

Anybody got any suggestions where the fault may lay? Or does Disroot block less safe e-mail clients like mutt? For this to work in Gmail for instance you have to change the settings to accept less safe e-mail clients.

First glance few mistakes:
set imap_user = "USERNAME"
set smtp_url = "smtp://USERNAME@disroot.org:587/"
set folder = "imaps://disroot.org:993"

Try fixing those first.

Thank you muppeth, now it works! :slight_smile:

@birdinspace Pleasure.

I will use that config snippet and write short howto for others if you dont mind of course.

Sure! I don’t mind. Great if it can help somebody else.