[Solved] - Trouble setting up disr.it alias

I’m trying to set up the disr.it that comes with disroot accounts, but I’m not able to sent/receive mail for it. I tried following the how to for webmail, but it didn’t work.

Are you sure you can’t receive email on your alias? I can…
But I indeed have an error when sending from the alias: Sender address rejected: need fully-qualified address"

Just checked on my evolution mail and it works as expected. It could be an issue with webmail configuration. Can you both check it now and report back?

I sent a test email to the disr.it alias and it seamed to work with a delay. I’ll do more testing to see if that’s the case.

seams to be working now. this thread can be locked.

The delay was because of greylisting (you sent/recieved first time email from particular sender to disr.it address).

Thanks a lot for pointing this out. It was a super easy fix and something I have personally overlooked on webmail (since all disroot core team uses email clients).