[Solved] Unable to log into any Disroot services

I am experiencing difficulty accessing the account pafgowuxu. The Disroot User Service Center gives me an HTTP 500 upon entering the credentials for this account or entering pafgowuxu into the “Forgot My Password” form, and email, cloud, Taiga, forum, etc. all throw fairly generic server errors when trying to log in with pafgowuxu. If it is of any help, this started occurring around the same time that email aliases etc. were released. (I just haven’t bothered to get around to fixing this problem for a while.)

Hi thanks for reaching out. Our monitoring systems were bombarding us with you misstyping your password for weeks now.

The answer is simple, on 11 of august you’ve requested to have the account deleted, so we did.

Oh, duh. Thanks anyways! As for all the password attempts, that was my email client trying to automatically sign back in.

We figured, since they started appearing right after your account has been deleted, but we had no way of contacting you, so we’ve been patiently waiting for you contacting us instead.