[Solved] - Using email

Hahaha welcome to the future…
To sync calendars, contacts and todos you can use: davdroid, tasks and owncloud notes (all from f-droid).

We are preparing document on integrating disroot on android so that should be out within a week.

Thanks, I’ve installed all of those, DAVdroid says ‘no address books or calendars were found’. Hmmm…

You need to specify url like this:
for calendar+todos:
for contacts:
https://cloud.disroot.org/remote.php/carddav/ (or https://disroot.org/remote.php/carddav/addressbooks)

@Noam FYI We did some tuning on our setup and now webmail works spanking fast as well.

Hello Muppeth,

Hope you’re doing good.

I still can’t send emails from my different identities from the webmail. I got this laconic information “Can’t send message”, if I don’t use my @disroot.org identity. And this for all my identities. (I have 4)

I hope you will help me on this. Many thanks. Bolton.

You cant send emails using different address (identity). This is security measure to prevent identity spoofing.

We are preparing setup to facilitate email aliases.

This feature was available before… Those identities are mine, I own the different domain names. And it’s easy to use those identities when I use SMTP…


Thank you anyway.

I just PM you about that issue. Hope we can solve it asap.

This is a pretty old topic but I would like to know whether there are any plans of facilitating email aliases anytime soon. I’m in love with disroot services and the inability to use email aliases is driving me crazy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @dhanesh95 nice to hear you like our little project.
Email aliases is something we wanted to provide on request basis. We’ve done that already for few accounts. However at the moment we experience some technical difficulties that need to be solved before we can offer any more aliases. It’s quite high on our priority list so we should be able to solve it within next couple of weeks. We’ll contact you once everything is fixed and ready for aliases.

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I just don’t like it, I love it! :heart_eyes: It’s been only a day since I’m here and I can’t believe how addicted I am. Anyway, thanks a lot for your support and looking forward to use aliases with disroot soon. I’ll divert my alias to another mail till everything here is up and running. Thank you again for such an awesome service and equally awesome support. :smile:

Cool. PM me about your experience (or post it here or diaspora or elsewhere). We would like to hear some feedback on services so we can improve on things.


Sorry for resurrect this topic.
I’m using rainloop as a mail client to my disroot mail, when i’m on the desktop.
My mails are grouped for each topic, as threads.
If i want to select 20 threads and mark all them as read, there is an issue because rainloop marks as read only the last mail for each thread… Not all the mails inside each thread.
The turnaround for this is to open each thread individually, select again all the mails, and mark as read… but for a long list of e-mails it becomes boring.
I use K9 on the mobile and it woks there.

Thanks for report. I will see if there is a way to do it and otherwise report it back to rainloop guys. They were always quick in fixing issues /coding easy features.
I’ll keep you posted.

Hi there,

I have the same problem bolton had. I have three identities and I still can’t send emails with any, unless its the disroot one. What am I doing wrong here?


EDIT: sorry about the “ressurection”…


You cannot just use any idebntity you wish as that will allow Email spoofing.

To be able to use identities you need to first request Aliases through a form (aliases are given to Disroot’s regular supporters). More information on that in the ‘Email Aliases and Domain Linking’ section on https://disroot.org/en/services/email

Hope that clears things up,