Spam filter

Hi. Is there a spam filter for the email service? I am getting a significant amount of spam and it seems none is filtered out. The only messages in the spam folder are those I move manually.


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We are running a spam filter on our server. But we need to teach the spam filter on what is spam and what is not.
Due to privacy reasons we dont do that on all users but rather on opt-in basis. Currently we still have not made an opt-in form public (we’ll add it on our site soon so anyone could join), but we ask people who complain about spam to get added to the list.
Basically a script is checking Junk folder of users on weekly basis (moving the junk mail to one place on the server and scanning them for spam), we also ask users if they dont ming spamassasing check their inbox for ham (so that it learns what is not-spam). Let me know if you want to join the ‘program’

How does SpamAssassin know something is ham? Even if a message is outside the spam folder, it may be spam (false negative). I may have not moved all spam to the Junk folder.

Hello @jorgemorais

I am a disroot e-mail user just like you.
Just out of curiosity asking, have you done any mail forwarding from your other mailboxes for example GMAIL?


No I have not set up forwarding from other maibloxes. I am sorry for having taken this long to reply. I wasn’t notified of your reply, despite having subscribed to this topic.