Spanish Translation

Hi, my name is Federico. I’ve been doing some translations to my language, HowTo’s mostly. Is there any plan about translating the whole site or some parts of it? I want to collaborate on it.
By the way, I’m love with the project.

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Hi @Fede

Thats amazing to hear!

In comming weeks one of the major points on our radmap is to make it easy for people to submit tutorials as well as helping with translations.

Keep your eyes open for announcement.

Its very heart warming to hear that you like our project.

Thanks for the time to answer. I’ll look forward to that announcement.
Even so, I’ll be working on the howtos and the site translations…
Thanks again!

We just got very similar question on our info mailbox, so seems like more people are working on translations already. You guys are awesome! But it meant also that we need to speed things up so that you dont endup working on the same translations.

We should think of a way to already coordinate translation work (specially that atm I know of already three people working on spanish translations independently). We’ll try to workout something in coming days, but if you guys have suggestions please go ahead (forum section, matrix room etc)

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Not much but you might want to take a look at Zanata, last time I used it was fairly well polished and obviously able to handle large projects (Fedora). Although it had some issues with RTL languages, which seems to have been solved and ready for release.

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Thanks for the info!

What do you guys think?