Streaming service from my computer to other people

Hey, I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend me a service, or maybe it would be interesting to integrate or find something for the disroot network.

I would like to stream my desktop (for instance a video file from my drive) to others. My least vacation home movie or a video of the last summer camp I organized with my friends to name two examples. :wink: Or maybe I could talk a bit with my webcam and a presentation, about something, like some problem or informing others about something, that sounds like a pretty important and interesting idea, don’t you think?

Do you have any idea how I could do something like that? Right now I would use something like Discord and just share my screen and open VLC to play my little home movies, but I would like a more decentralized method. Maybe you have any ideas. Maybe with Open Broadcaster and combined with a streaming service, I have no idea how much work and capacity that would entail, I think it could overwhelm the project for now, but as I said I’m not in the matter enough to really have an informed opinion about it.

I hope this is the right categories for this kind of question/request.

Hi migo!
I don’t know if it can be useful to you, but to stream you might think about using this service:


Hey l3o,

thanks, I’m going to look into that, thanks for the link!

all the best,
Migo :slight_smile: