Suggestion: Account Deletion

This might be in your plans already, but… may I suggest the option to delete our own disroot accounts?

Although, if it’s there already, I can’t find it.

Hi there.
Yes, it is in our plans. It is complicated process and needs a lot of thought and planning which we already begun. Hopefully soon we will have that as an option. For now you can remove all your data (you can delete your account on diaspora and discourse already)

Btw. you’re leaving us? :cry:

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Noooooo :wink:, but I do have an account I’m not sure I want to keep, and I don’t want leave a dead account on your servers.

Thank you for your reply.

Good to hear \o/ and thanks for thinking so kindly of our servers :smiley:
Thanks to your post I quickly re-thought the whole idea and I begun to think it’s not that complitacted afterall. I will bring it up to the rest of the team and try to work something out as soon as possible.
Thanks a lot!

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