[Suggestion] - Disroot Logo

ready for feedback…


As I said on diaspora:
“I likes”

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yes yes yes yes yes fucking yes!


It’s beautiful. I was just wondering how it would look when much smaller, .e.g, on the top or bottom of a page. As long as it’s legible when small that’s fine. Not sure how I got the black background.

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No way, this is much better!

just kidding :wink:
Keep up the good work!


@dosch nice one. Did you use some sort of template for that?

@muppeth yup: http://www.hipsterlogogenerator.com/


@dosch haha… i knew something is fishy here.

@Antilopa I’m curious to see favicon proposal. Also wonder how could we customize services logos (discourse owncloud etc) to include disroot “branding”.

Thank you all for the feedback.
@Noam i think it works quite good when small, and the black background is how the transperancy was handeled for some reason.
here it is without black background:

@dosch great website! and by the way i changed the second R so it looks less alike the first one.

@muppeth i was planning to use the first R as favicon , not sure how it works…

or maybe the D or S?

don’t have an answer to the next question yet…


@Antilopa maybe inverting R and putting it in the circle?

mirrored R can ba nice. not sure why in a circle though

“ready for feedback…”

The blood looks almost dry.

hummm… a different color perhaps?